My attempt at a Musical Life


Thanks for coming to my site.  Here you will find a brief run down on me, my philosophies and my various musical projects, get to hear some of my music, see a few photos, get links to other bands and things I’m associated with and be able to get in touch with me if you like.  That little quote to the left there is something I firmly believe in.  I think it actually can apply to life in general too.  Nothing destroys a great tune more than a great ego! I’m not claiming to be a great musician or a highly developed human being but I am sincerely attempting to become both and I feel very fortunate that I can pursue this through doing what I love.  I am passionate about music and have decided to dedicate my life to this in the belief that it is what I am on earth to do and that if anyone pursues wholeheartedly what it is they truly love then the universe conspires to help them achieve it.  This has its challenges on many levels and flies in the face of such things as the profit motive and having a reliable career and all those notions and ways of thinking we so readily buy into... but so far so good!  I’ve been surviving solely off my music since 2000 so I must be doing something right! For the record, I don’t consider myself a new-ager or a wafty hippy muso who likes to fall asleep playing long ambient notes on his keyboard either!  There is a place for all sorts of music in the world and I play and compose everything from  Folk, World, Jazz, Reggae, R & B, Classical, Swing, Traditional Musics (Celtic, Balkan) through to New Age and Electronica.  I also work in a wide range of different musical settings, working with storytellers, film makers, theatre groups and the like as opposed to only in traditional band settings. I love playing and touring and sharing music with others in whatever context.


A great musician always attempts to be an instrument for things higher than oneself.